2013 04 15- A group of 10 whales with half of them re-sightings and 13 fluke IDs Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
Fifteen miles offshore Bermuda we found a small group of three or four whales but this soon expanded to some ten or more whales who were very active with breaches, tail-lobbing, head lunges
whales_873_edited whales_729_edited
Sea Slipper arrived on the scene above and the whales began swirling around our boats
0008_1_bd_2013_04_15_as 0008_1_bd_2007_04_21_as_6126\
Above left, our 0008 photographed today and on the right on 21st April 2007. This whale was first ID'ed in 1979 in Newfoundland
0055_1_bd_2008_04_28_as_2011_04_20_6110 0055_1_bd_2013_04_15_as
Above left our fluke ID of 0055 taken on 28th of April 2008 and above right, today
0224_1_bd_2009_04_11_as_bm1002 0224_1_bd_2013_04_15_as
Above left, our 0024 taken on 11th April 2011 and the ID taken today
0925_1_bd_2012_04_19_as 0925_1_bd_2013_04_15_as
Above left, our ID of 0925 taken on 19th April 2012 and the ID taken today
Although it was a shorter day due to the increasing winds, a very productive day
0589_1_bd_2011_04_13_as_04_15_04_20_2013_04_15_m7104 0589_1_bd_2013_04_15_2011_04_15_as
Above left our 0580 photographed on 15th April 2011 and above right, exactly two years later
This whale spy-hopped as Sea Slipper and our own boat left the scene
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