2013 04 19- Candle shows up again, right on schedule Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
Candle shows up yet again, right on schedule. Candle was first photographed by us in 2007 on 21st April. He was photographed again in 2010 on the thirteenth of April and again in 2011 on the 17th of April and last year in 2012 on the 23rd of January as well as his usual time slot the 28th of April. Candle has been identified only once before, by Prof Hal Whitehead in 1978 off Labrador.
We had a couple more matches today to re-sightngs in earlier years as well as another couple of layovers from the last few days
Our 0290 above was photograhed on 24th April 2009 and today, 19th of April 2013
Our 0925 was photographed today as well as the 18th and 15th of this month giving us a five-day layover in Bermuda waters. This whale was also seen on the 20th of April 2012.
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