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Written by Andrew Stevenson   
dsc_0455_kevin dsc_0579_2
Kevin Horsfield with two friendly whales, photos taken by Michael Smith. Photos like these can only be taken when the whales come to a stationary boat, not when a boat chases after the whales
whales_024_ed whales_591_-_copy
One of six sperm whales we found early in the year not far from shore and two humpbacks demonstrating 'rowdy' bahavior as one blows a bubble trail to fend off a challenger
magical_whale_and_class_064 magical_whale_and_class_086
Entertaining a class of students on Foundation HQ showing them Magical Whale and the skeleton of a Cuvier's beaked whale
magical_whale_boat_131 dsc_3462
Some of our fleet of boats the Foundation has access to. Above left, Sashimi on a beautiful winter day and Dom Perignon on an equally beautiful day
magical_whale_boat_308 whales_004
Our own Magical Whale at its mooring and Ocean Potion with Roland bringing it ashore, both on those rare beautiful days we had this year
elsa_photographing elsa_whalewatching
No point having whale-watching boats if we don't have eyes on board to find the whales. Elsa, Geoff and Camilla on Starlet. Elsa taking a break down below to read yet another book
magical_whale_2 img_5630
If you're too tired to spot the whales, sometimes the whales will spot you!
whales_062 whales_656
Believe me, photographing whales can be very tiring work
img_1273 whales_1084
If you can't spot them, you can listen to them with a hydrophone. Or, ahem, you can lie down and try listening to them through the hull of the boat...
whales_259 whales_225
Sometimes it can be difficult for the captain to hear the directions from the spotters on the crowsnest. This mutliple purpose tool was very handy for getting messages from the captain. Patent pending...
p1180458 whales_2474
While daddy gives a lecture at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, Elsa and Somers take a quick tour out on Magical Whale...
breaching_whale whales_669_edited
Pierangelo's photo of a breaching whale with us in the background and my photo of the same breaching whale with Sea Slipper in the background
whales_2034_edited whales_2200_edited_-_copy
Gentle as these giants can be, when they are aggressive you don't want to be in the water with them. Above left an escort head butts a challenger and the fresh grazes on the escort's tubericles and rostrum are tangible evidence of the battles that take place, mostly underwater
dsc_0409 whales_2450_-_copy
An aggresive whale in a rowdy group surfaces near Ocean Potion. Nothing like coming home at the end of the day to see little Somers waiting to help dock the boat
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