2013 10 08- Another re-sighting this time of 0339 Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Judie Clee has made another important Bermuda to Bermuda re-sighting of a whale seen in 2010 and 2012


Photo ID above taken by Camilla Stringer on 6th April 2010. It's not a great ID but certainly workable and with someone like Judie Clee it's a match to the ID taken by Andrew Stevenson below on 20th of April 2012


The image above is even less of a good ID but it is quite clearly a match and shows us yet again that any and every ID is important to our catalogue. Judie's great match was facillitated by the new categorizing of our entire catalogue into five different types and several sub-types. The dates on whale's re-sightings does not correspond to the majority of er-sightings which seem to show a certain proclivity for whales to show up at the same time each year. One day, when we have enough IDs, we might better understand why they do show up at the same time and why they don't. The more we know, the more it seems we don't know



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