2013 10 08- A diving expedition to Indonesia Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
An oceanic manta ray about ten feet across drifts by in the current
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A turtle forages for food while a huge cuttlefish looks after her eggs laid carefully within the protecive confines of a coral head
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Stone fish and lion fish were everywhere, usually not as obvious as these specimen
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Annabel stares down a puffer fish. Colourful fish were abundant and I could only identify a fraction of them
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The weird frogfish left and the not-so-weird, um, forgotten its name
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I found the coral and anenomes even more fascinating than the fish, and certainly as beautiful
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The islands and beaches of the Komodo National Park were as impressive as the undersea world
Spectacular hikes and scenery
dsc08682 dsc08683
We found the remains of a minke whale, including the blubber floating in the bay. How long had it been there?
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A painter's palette of coral. And of course the Komodo Dragon. They can swim. Don't snorkle too close to shore
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Occasionally we met with villagers from small communities
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