2103-10-29 Lydia the Great white shark in Placenta Bay Newfoundland Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Click here to see Lydia's current position in Placenta Bay Newfoundland


Lydia, the great white shark that passed close to Bermuda earlier is now up in Placenta Bay. I wonder if she will move south in the direction of the humpbacks' southward migration to see if she can pick off a tired humpback. Earlier this year, in April, she followed the same route as the humpbacks moving nortwards in the month of April. Coincidence? If she starts moving southwards with the humpbacks returning to the humpbacks' breeding/calving grounds in the West Indies, it would certainly appear that- like the predators on the East African plains following the migration of the ungulates around the Serengeti- it is the humpbacks migratory routes and schedules that determine this shark's movements.If you look at her track, she moves from Florida in early April to intersect the humpbacks' migratory route north, follows that track past Bermuda and then stays around the seamounts and heads to the humpbacks feeding grounds into May (when the humpbacks are at their weakest after not eating for the winter in the West Indies and after travelling thousands of miles). Once the humpbacks are on their feeding grounds she returns to Florida for the summer and now she's headed up north to where the humpbacks will be spending their last days feeding before heading south. Let's see if she heads south with the humpbacks to pick off a tired, migrating whale.