2013 11 14 Mr Cousteau and his team harass a female humpback and her calf Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

click here to see the video of Mr Cousteau's team harassing a mother and calf humpback whale

I found this video shocking. If Mr Cousteau had edited this short clip to deliberately show how he and his team of cameramen harass whales to get their precious close-ups of humpback whales, he couldn't have done a better job! A helicopter flying right over the humpbacks, divers grabbing onto pectoral fins, pushing against the body of the humpbacks, the motorboat scooting around the whales just feet away to redirect them to the cameramen. Unbelievable. This is something you would not expect out of someone with his knowledge and experience. It is clear how distressed the mother and calf become. I would suspect from the corny music and the equipment used that this was Captain Jacques Cousteau and the time period somewhere in the 1980s.

Ughhhh. We wouldn't dream of behaving like that now, would we? And we certainly wouldn't put it out there for people to see, if we did!