2013-12-25 Christmas in Bermuda Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
dsc00042 dsc00045
The night before Christmas... Guess who is excited?
img_1156 img_1162
Could this be two little angels at the nativity scene at Christmas Eve service at the church and above right, checking my brother's grave?
dsc00299 dsc00337
The carrots are out for the reindeer, milk and biscuits for Santa with a note to Santa to help themselves. Finally the kids fall asleep under the Christmas tree
dsc00239 dsc00504
Even the cats slept under the Christmas tree
dsc00421 dsc00546
Finally, Christmas Day! They slept in until 6 am, a record! Somers with a lion with lots of hiding places and Elsa with a model sailboat she bought me. Notice who is at the controls
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