2014-01-03 The 2014 season is upon us Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

We have had several humpback whale sightings despite bad weather, off South Shore. I am particularly interested in these 'winter' sightings as we try and figure out whether these whales are still heading south (much too early to be heading north), or hanging around the middle of the ocean. Are these females, juveniles, the odd male or just a mixture of everything? Scientists know that the ratio of males to females up north in the feeding grounds is one-to-one but down south in the breeding/calving grounds the ratio of males to females is four-to-one. So, are the females too old and too young to breed hanging out in the middle of the ocean for the winter, picking up occasional snacks on the upwellings off the seamounts?

I have been out to Challenger Bank already on one reasonably calm day but no signs of humpbacks although we did have a Cuvier's beaked whale breach not far from the boat (ND). How many people can say they have seen that!