2014-01-10 Raising funds Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Every year we have to face that little hill (no, it's not a big mountain) of raising funds to do the work that we do. We're pretty cost effective. Last year we identified 197 individual whales over 35 days spent on the water, often in less than ideal conditions followed by months of sorting them into our catalogue and matching with other catalogue holders. In seven years we have identified some 824 individual humpback whales in Bermuda waters and matched some 40% of these to other catalogues. We have something like 89 Bermuda-to-Bermuda re-sightings and these re-sightings are what we are most interested in. As our catalogue grows the chances of a re-sighting increases exponentially. If we can identify another 200 humpback whales this season we'll have a significant number of year-to-year re-sightings. What does seem apparent is that the humpbacks are maintaining fidelity to a migratory route, and perhaps even a timetable. We also know from our IDs that the humpbacks can be here for as long as nine days. We are still trying to figure out what they are doing here but what is clear is that Bermuda is not simply a navigational waypoint. We have some insights as to why the humpbacks linger in Bermuda waters and these insights point at the complexity of their lives and their well-developed sense of social responsibility.

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