2014 03 08 Down on the Silver Bank, Dominican Republic Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

I am down on the Silver Bank in the Dominican Republic for the next week. This is one of the major breeding/calving grounds of the North Atlantic humpback whales and many of the whales I have ID'ed here we have seen some weeks later in Bermuda waters.


We identified three whales on Thursday, 6th March in Bermuda. I obtained two fluke IDs and the third whale, which looked like a massive and old female, didn't fluke. She did however have a distinct scarring on her back forward of her dorsal fin. I put the images of her scarred back onto Flukematcher's FaceBook page and lo and behold, Shelley from Brier Island recognised the back and sent us the fluke ID. She has been seen in Brier Island waters in the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia since 1984 and has had three known calves. This is a wonderful example of people, citizen scientists, sharing their data and information in real time. Thanks Shelley! I'll share photos of this encounter as soon as I am back from the Silver Bank.

Photos to come...

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