2014 03 18 Twenty-five fluke IDs obtained over the past weekend Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
1311_1_bd_2014_03_15_cs 1314_1_bd_2014_03_15_cs
1318_1_bd_2014_03_15_cs_03_16 1319_1_bd_2014_03_15_cs
Four of the whales ID'ed last Saturday, 15th of March 2014 by Camilla Stringer. More below:
1320_1_bd_2014_03_15_cs 1323_1_bd_2014_03_16_cs
1324_1_bd_2014_03_16_cs 1325_1_bd_2014_03_16_cs
1326_1_bd_2014_03_16_cs 1327_2_bd_2014_03_16_cs_03_16_hwc5302
1328_1_bd_2014_03_16_cs 1329_1_bd_2014_03_16_cs
1330_1_bd_2014_03_16_cs 1334_1_bd_2014_03_16_rl
Just some of the IDs obtained last weekend, mostly from Camilla Stringer but with additional IDs from Richard Lee, Ina Kuestler, Geoff Bell and Roland Lines
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