2014 03 22 A pair of dancers Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
I've processed these photos as black and white for a few reasons. These striking images contrast starkly to the old whaling days when the only close-up photos of whales were dead ones. Also, I find the black and white photos less distracting from the real focal point-- the whales' eyes. And finally, this is how humpbacks see their ocean world, they are color blind.
I have some hundreds of photos from this encounter which lasted 2 1/2 hours some twenty miles off Bermuda. These underwater photos were taken under a Protected Species License for Scientific Research Activities from the Department of Conservation Servuces, Bermuda. Anyone conducting prohibited activites without a valid Department of Conservation Services Protected Species License or authorisation may be subject to the penalties as provided under the 2003 Act. It is not recommended to swim with whales due to the inherent dangers.
One of the dancers was a female, the other a male
By being completely passive, the boat with engines off, the whales approached us
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