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Written by Andrew Stevenson   
0239_1_bd_2009_04_19_bs_04_14 0239_1_bd_2012_04_16_as__2009_04_14_2013_04_30_2014_04_19
Our 0239 in 2009 and in 2012 above left and right respectively
0239_1_bd_2013_04_30_as_2009_04_30_2012_04_16 0239_1_bd_2014_10_cs_2019_04_1419
Above left in 2013 and above right in 2014
0597_1_bd_2011_04_15_as_2014_04_19 0597_1_bd_2014_04_19_cs_2011_04_15
Above left our 0597 in 2011 and in 2014 above right
0653_1_bd_2011_04_20_rl_2014_04_19_dy336 0653_1_bd_2014_04_19_rl_2011_04_20
Above left our 0653 in 2011 and above right in 2014
1228_1_bd_2013_04_27_rl_05_1_2014_04_19 1228_1_bd_2014_04_19_rl_2013_04_27
Our 1228 above left in 2013 and above right in 2014. The photo above right points to how important any fluke ID can be for us, here in Bermuda. As long as there are distinguishing marks even on a partial fluke that is taken from a distance and very low res, we can still make a match. This photo also reveals how good Judie Clee is at matching our whales' fluke IDs!

Thanks to Camilla Stringer and Richard Lee for these most recent additions to our re-sighting database
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