2014 04 24 Close encounters with a pair of dancing humpbacks Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

This year we had three remarkable underwater encounters with humpbacks in Bermuda waters. The link to the footage above is the last video sequence of a three-hour encounter. The camera shake is both from the waves (we've had windy weather this season) and because I was shivering so badly after being immersed in the water for so long... These two whales began by dancing around each other but curiosity got the better of them and they swam closer and closer. The lens on the camera is a wide angle lens. Because I am no longer making a film on humpbacks I didn't have my big heavy Gates housing which would have reduced the camera shake. On the other I couldn't have stayed in the water so long with a 60-pound camera housing strapped to my wrist.
The only way to have such close encounters is by being very patient and completely passive. These videos and photographs were taken under a Protected Species Licence for Scientific Research Activities, Licence Number 14-04-11-03 issued by the Government of Bermuda, Department of Conservation Services
Oh, and the music isn't the whales singing... It's what I heard as I watched them waltz around me...
Still frames from the video coming up... At least the still frames don't suffer from the shivering...
The female comes for a closer look... We obtained their fluke IDs from the underwater footage
Although we were serenaded by two whales, we were at times the attention of five whales
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