2014-09-17 And yet more underwater photos from the ACE Gallery exhibition Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
How many images of whales can you take and yet make them look different? Quite a few apparently! There are 28 images mounted on canvas at the ACE Gallery measuring 3x2 feet, 5x4 feet or 9x5 feet. Above one of the two dancing humpacks takes a closer look.
We conduct our research under a Protected Species Licence for Scientific Research Activities Licence no. 14-04-11-03 issued by the Government of Bermuda, Department of Conservation Services
dsc05062 dsc05259
dsc05211 dsc05282
dsc05418 dsc05419
dsc05420 dsc05424
dsc05394 dsc04936
dsc05350 dsc05378
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