2014-10-18 After effects of Hurricane Gonzalo at Dockyard Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
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For anyone who might think Bermuda's quick recovery from Gonzales is an indication that the storm wasn't powerful need only take a look at these images. Even for those who managed to get their boats out of the water, the winds wrecked devastation. On the positive side, Bermuda's architecture and strict planning preserved most buildings relatively unscathed. Within two days the roads were clear and power back on for most households. These islands and its people are amazingly prepared for this kind of disaster and full credit goes to the emergency services, the Bermuda Electrical Company, the Bermuda Regiment, the British Government for sending a frigate and helicopter to assist in the aftermath and all Bermudians and residents who pulled together to make sure everyone was okay, sharing food, water, power and facilities. Our Premier and the Emergency Measures Office kept us informed throughout the storm, right through strange calm of Gonzalo's eye and the whipping winds that battered the island after the eye took almost an hour to pass over us.
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