2015 01 05 New Zealand- the hike in to camp overnight at Lake Daniel Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
dsc07012 dsc07022
The hike in to Lake Daniel through lovely NZ forest and stopping for a break every 40 minutes for a 'scroggin' break. Somers closing her eyes so we don't accuse her of looking for the chocolate squares only
dsc07033 dsc07043
The girls have been warned for years to keep a look out for trolls under bridges but this sign made it seem all the more official
dsc07146 dsc07153
A Kiwi elf shows Somers how to shoot homemade arrows
dsc07202 dsc07245
Catching fish for dinner
dsc07264 dsc07288
The fishermen brought marshmellows in case they didn't catch any fish
dsc07346 dsc07369
Elsa checking to make sure Somers has her eyes closed
dsc07370 dsc07365
Playing games during the long daylight evening, this after a long hike in to the lake!
dsc07399 dsc07401
Somers is the last asleep and the first awake
dsc07389 dsc07392
The view from the campsite
dsc07478 dsc07461
Elsa in front of the cabin and tents and looking for more fish, for breakfast
dsc07665 dsc07559
Elsa and Somers played for hours with these two dogs. A family photo to prove I was there too before the long hike out
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