2015 01 08 New Zealand Queenstown Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
dsc08690 dsc08854
Our home in Queenstown, the old Schoolhouse, where we stayed for a few night. I'm going to have to find some new models to photograph...
dsc09003 dsc09005_ed
Oh! So now you want to be my friend! Sorry guys, there's only room for one. As luck would have it, as soon as we got the roof down it started raining for the first time on this holiday!
dsc08835 dsc08843_ed
Elsa and Somers spend the evening collecting round river stones from the Shotover River, stones that we never see in Bermuda. We snuck them out of their bags before we packed to come home
dsc08914 dsc08951_ed
At the local Ag Show we had to go to the merry-go-round first
dsc08927_ed_2 dsc08941_ed
The faster it turned, the more serene Somes became. Elsa liked it too...
dsc08860 dsc08888
Farmer with his tractor, sheepshearer with his scissors. The old fashioned way...
dsc08882 dsc08985
Checking the quality of the fleece and the view from a friend's house
dsc08998 dsc09019
Saying goodbye to Swizzle and our Bermudian hosts Backy and Alan Paris
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