2013-02-22 a day in the life of a dad and whale researcher Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
dsc_0330 dsc_0389
Sunday morning Elsa and Somers have two hours of rugby practice. They are the only girls still left on the teams and, without being prejudiced as their father, they are pretty darn good. Elas was going to come whaling with me that afternoon but was tired from her morning efforts but we went out nevertheless and obtained the photos below on a cold, winter day...
dsc_0568_ed_3 dsc_0608_ed
The whale above gave us a display of lobtailing and pec-slapping and, when we turned our engine off, spyhopped to see where we were
dsc_0628__ed_1 dsc_0648_ed
Although the winds were relatively benign after two weeks after back-to-back gales we still had the large ocean swells to cope with. The fluke above left was a very cooperative whale lifting its tail well above the swell so we could still get the shot. On the other hand, we had uncooperative whales who refuse to show the ventral side of their flukes above right. As always in the winter, the whales are very few and far between and spend a lot more time underwater making it even more difficult to find them and stay with them. We spent the afternoon literally in the middle of the ocean almost 20 miles off Bermuda and came home for Sunday dinner. Doesn't get better than that!
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