2015 03 20 So many fluke IDs over the past two weeks that we are struggling to keep up Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

We have had so many fluke IDs in the past coupe of weeks here in Bermuda that we are struggling now to keep up with processing all our photographs. Looks like past patterns are being re-inforced by this new set of data. We must be approaching 100 fluke IDs for this season already and some of the re-sightings Bermuda to Bermuda are fascinating. Thanks to Roger Etcheberry we are making plenty of matches to Newfoundland (and of course St Pierre-et-Miquelon) and other places too.

0506_1_bd_2011_03_14_cs_mbroomball_2015_03_20 0506_1_bd_2015_03_20_as

Broomball photographed underwater here on 14 March 2011 and on the right above photographed here on 20th March 2015. Photos below from 2011 and 2015 of the severe scarring caused by a small boat's propellor cutting across its back. A reminder for everyone to watch out for the whales.

0506_2_bd_2011_03_14_ms_broomball 0506_2_bd_2015_03_20_as

Today we saw a record number of whales and obtained a new record for a day's intake of 30+ individual IDs and there was not a single other boat out there from early afternoon to six. We spent a wonderful ten hours on the water with whale all around us. A day that won't be soon forgotten.

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