2015-04-4 Too windy to count the vibrissae tubercles of a whale, count the hairs on an donkey Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
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Too windy to go whaling but it's not too windy to take Thelma and Louise for a ride and a romp in the garden
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I know, I know, we forgot their helmets. You'll notice that Somers is rarely sitting still...
img_8398 img_8432
While Elsa has to take it easy with a boot cast protecting a fractured bone, Somers takes a flying leap and pretends she's a donkey
img_8491 img_8437

A cheeky grin from a temporarily trapped and immobile Somers before she takes off again...
img_8502 img_8519
Time to put Thelma and Louise back in their stables before they get colic from the green grass