2015-04-12 We sort through scores of fluke ID photographs after some days of good weather Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
dsc_5970_ed dsc_5667_ed
We're busy sorting through 50+ fluke IDs from the past few days on the water with as many as 20+ IDs from any day. There were large groups of whales either milling around or in rowdy groups. We had pods of dolphins with some of these rowdy groups. We had one rowdy group snowball into a herd of some 14-16+ animals with dramatic fighting and long spurts of speed. Now we have at least a week of bad weather ahead of us. That's whale watching in Bermuda-- it can be the best in the world, if the weather on the open ocean is conducive. With a catalogue of more than 1,000 humpbacks sighted in Bermuda the percentage of whales we have seen before grows exponentially and the re-sighting data is fascinating. We now have well over 200 IDs for this year, a record for one season. And just as well. the weather isn't looking good for the remaining days of the season
dsc_5548_ed dsc_7176_ed
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