Andrew’s work with the North Atlantic Humpbacks

heart_149_compressedAndrew Stevenson (pictured left with Somers-4 and Elsa-9) started his research on humpbacks in 2007. His visual and acoustics data on the pelagic social behaviour of humpbacks as they migrate past Bermuda. was conducted between Feb 2007 and Feb 2010 while making the film "Where the Whales Sing". After completing the film he continued his research and wrote and illustrated "Whale Song" published in 2011..

Marine scientists know a lot about the humpbacks in their feeding and breeding grounds closer to shore, but there is little information on the humpbacks' mid-ocean migratory behaviour. As a mid-ocean platform, Bermuda provides a unique window into the lives of the humpbacks.

Please contact us at 777 7688 ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ) if you have any sightings of whales during the winter months up to March. Got photos of the underside of whales' flukes? us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Andrew filming

Through exploration of Bermuda’s waters, research, data analysis and educational outreach-our mission is to promote an understanding of humpback whales to protect cetaceans' rights as a step towards conserving our marine environment.

We conduct our research under a Protected Species Licence for Scientific Research Activities Licence no. 14-11-22-15 issued by the Government of Bermuda, Department of Conservation Services.

Our aerial photography/videography is under aerial work permission given by the Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation and can be viewed on


Summary Statistics to date:

Total fluke IDs for 2016: 101+ (as of 2016-04-14--includes 16 re-sightings to previous years)

Total individual fluke IDs 2007-2015: 1161!!! (as of 2016 3 24)
Total re-sightings Bermuda to Bermuda: Total whales re-sighted 146
Longest layover in Bermuda: 11 days

Where the Whales Sing wins the "Best Emerging Underwater Filmmaker" award at the BLUE Ocean Film Festival in Monterey, California.  - read more....

Where the Whales Sing wins the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art Charman Prize for 2011- read more...

2016-03-24 60+ fluke IDs already this season with some interesting re-sightings Print E-mail

Despite long periods of bad weather, we've completed 18 trips on the ocean already this season and have some 60+ fluke IDs with the assistance of a couple of dedicated photographers on the whale watching boats.

0006_1_bd_2007_04_21_as 0006_1_bd_2011_04_04_as_2007_04_20_m6002


The photograph on the left is #0006 a whale I identified in my first year doing this whale research, a decade ago. The photograph on the right is an underwater image I took in 2011. We had lost two whales in 45 feet of water as often happens. I got out of the boat and started swimming around and found the two whales having a 'spa', rolling around in a sand hole exfoliating, getting rid of dead skin and sea lice. The video footage is unique showing two humpbacks demonstrating this behavior. Last week I photographed the whale again, below and Judie Clee immediately made the watch to our 'scratching whale'. But what makes this even more special is the fact that this whale is one of the first whales ever ID'ed, in 1977 a year after marine biologists starting photographing humpbacks to ID them!



Another interesting one is 'Fireworks'.

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